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Hanging with Chemphe in Hong Kong Gil Harper, Executive Secretary: Communications, Africa Alliance of YMCAs 
You all know the cool, keeping-it-real Chemphe with the smooth voice and energetic stage presence. But I have discovered the king of Urban Life has some hidden talents.
Africa Alliance of YMCAs 


Men Changing Men 
The system of male domination is no new thing in our world today, but the danger is that we as young men do not question it as we are born and socialised into it without being exposed to a masculinity option that does not dominate or harm.
Ghana YMCA (for African Alliance) 


YMCA leaders invest in the future of the YMCA 
(21 July 2010, Hong Kong) This morning, 100 YMCA leaders were presented with a “million dollar investment opportunity”; the chance to invest in the future of the global YMCA movement and change the lives of thousands more young people around the world.


The 17th World Council of YMCAs kick-started yesterday 20 July 2010, at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre with an opening ceremony attended by Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People's Republic of China,
Donald Tsang, as well as almost 1200 YMCA delegates from 85 countries.
World alliance 


Hip-life artiste Chemphe attends YMCA meeting in Hong Kong 
After being appointed by the Africa Alliance of YMCA as the Ghanaian music icon to champion an innovative youth development programme dubbed
Source: Ghana YMCA  


Youth pay tribute to Mother Earth through music Gil Harper, for World Alliance of YMCAs 
We are youth with a dream, was the powerful song delivered with electric energy by popular Ghanaian musician, Chemphe, and 40 YMCA youth from 15 different countries at the Tribute to Gaia public concert in Hong Kong yesterday.
Gil, world alliance 


Hi-Tech Youth Training Centre to be Established in Accra 

The vision of the African YMCAs to empower the youth for the African renaissance has been given a boost with the signing of a preliminary agreement between the Fuhrlaender Company of Germany, Ghana YMCA, CVJM and the African Alliance of YMCAs to establish a hi-tech training centre in Accra with sub-centres in Takoradi and Apedwa all in Ghana.
Ghana YMCA 


YMCA Clinches €2.5m Training Deal 
Furlander an organisation that is based in Germany and deals in wind mill and nuclear energy on Friday signed a €2.5 million training agreement with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Ghana to help train its student and create jobs for the youth.
Source: Daily Guide 


Chemphe to perform at YMCA world conference in Hong Kong 
After being appointed by the Africa Alliance of YMCA as the Ghanaian music icon to champion a developmental innovative youth programme dubbed;
Source: myjoyonline 


The Role of Young People in the African Renaissance – the Example of the Black Stars 
The exploits of our youthful senior national football team, the Black Stars, in the ongoing soccer World Cup tournament shows that the youth do not have to wait for the future to be leaders.
Press Release – Ghana YMCA 



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